Student Apps and Power-Ups

In the Student's View, students entering a Deck.Toys Classroom have access to the blue Student Gamepad, found at the top right of their view. 

This is the list of available Student Apps and Power-Ups. The Power-Ups will not be available to students to joined as Guest Students.

With their points gained from completing activities, they can go into the Deck.Toys Shop to buy these Power-Ups, which include the Multiplier, Shield, Gift, Divider, Parasite, Freeze, Gauntlet and Pairs Power-Ups.

They can also challenge other students on the existing study set games to gain more points.

The Report will show their individual points and completion status of activities.

You can disable the Power-Ups by going into your Deck.Toys Classroom, click on the “Gear” button at the top left corner, and set the ‘Student Apps’ to OFF. 

Alternatively, you can click on the red Teacher Launchpad at the right side of your screen in the Deck.Toys Classroom and disable any Power-Ups individually. You can also change the Power-Up names and redemption points for each power-up to suit your lesson needs.

To disable challenges, go into the Advanced Setting of each Study Set Game Activity.