Typing Race

Typing Race Slide App allows students to test their typing speed and accuracy using either random text or your own custom text. Students must be able to meet the speed and accuracy required before being able to proceed to the next activity, thus this Slide App acts like a Lock as well.

To configure, you click on either 'Random text' or 'Custom text'. The default number of Random text is 20 words, but you can easily configure to any number required. The generated words is from a list of 500 commonly used English words.

The Custom text will only work on standard roman alphabets and symbols that can be typed on a normal keyboard. Unicode characters (like Chinese characters) and accented alphabets will be automatically converted to standard roman alphabets for the students to play the game.

The default speed required is >= 0 WPM and default accuracy required is >= 10%. Make this more challenging for your students by changing the drop-down buttons.