Buzzer and Randomizer

Students are getting bored, and you need to get their attention quickly? In your Classroom, go to Teacher Sync mode and launch the Buzzer and Randomizer apps from your Teacher Launchpad!

These two apps can only be accessed by the teacher, and they will not appear on the student's view.

When you launch the Buzzer app, each student's device will turn into a game-show buzzer. The sequence of students who first clicked the buzzer will appear in the Teacher's view.
You may then give the opportunity to specific students to answer your question. 

If there are no students who volunteer to answer the question, you may use the Randomizer app to select a random student. Students who are alert may deflect the ball that lands on their device. The student who fails to deflect the ball in time will be the one who answers. A red screen will appear on this student's view as notification. In the teacher's view, this student's avatar will appear to notify you that this student is the chosen one.

For a correct answer, you may give a tick or thumbs up. The respective student's points will increase. For a wrong answer, there will not be any deduction in points, but a red screen will appear in the student's view.