Real-Time Tracking and Classroom Report

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is only possible if your students have been assigned a Deck in your Deck.Toys Classroom. 

Click on the 'People icon' at the top right corner of your screen. Under the Teams and Students column, you will be able to see all your students who have successfully connected to your Deck.Toys Classroom. 

Along the lesson in your Teacher’s view, you will see the students’ avatars on the Activities that they are currently working on. With this, it allows you to gauge how far they are along the path. On each activity, a green indicator shows the percentage of students that have completed the particular Activity.

Getting the Classroom Report

At the end of the lesson, generate the report for your Classroom by launching the Report app from the Teacher Launchpad. You can retrieve the whole classroom report or filter by student. You can also print out the report into PDF format.

If you wish to hide your student's avatar from the whole classroom, you may do so by clicking on the 'Person' icon. Switch the student's identity to be hidden. This feature will allow your students who are not confident in answering the confidence to submit their answers anonymously. To retrieve the classroom report which contains the student's avatar, you will have to switch back the student's identity to be shown.