What is Teacher Sync and Free Mode?

Teacher Sync Mode

In Teacher Sync mode, you will have the control as to how you would like your student to progress along the lesson i.e. teacher-paced or teacher-led lesson. In this mode, your student's screen (Student's View) will be the same as yours (Teacher's View). This mode is used to ensure all your students are in the same classroom pace with the rest.

When you have launched the Teacher Sync mode, you will see the 'Teacher Sync Mode Active' pop-out message. 
In the Student's view, there will be a notification that there are in the same mode as of you when you launch the Study Set in the Teacher Sync mode.

Important note: If you have launched any of the Study Set Games, you will have to end the launch so your students can proceed with the next Activity.

Free Mode

In Free Mode, there are two different environments that your students can be in, i.e. Single Player or Challenge.

Single Player

Your students are allowed to self-explore your lesson at their own pace in the Single Player setting. You will still able to monitor your students' progress in real-time even when they are in self-exploration. 


Your students are able to challenge their classmates in Study Sets to gain points. To activate Challenge, your student will need to activate it next to the Study Set drop-down menu or at the Student Gamepad. Note that not all Study Set Games support the challenge mode.

The student is given the option to challenge a selected classmate or to all classmates. When the student has selected the classmates to be challenged, the other student who received the challenge can choose to accept or decline. Once the challenged student has accepted the invitation, both students will be in a competitive mode to complete the particular Study Set and gain more points.

Switching between Teacher Sync and Free Mode

To toggle between the two modes, click on the button that says "Teacher Sync" or "Free Mode" which is located at the bottom left of your Teacher's View screen. The default is "Free Mode".