What are Study Sets?

Study Sets are a group of terms and definitions, or a set of questions and answers. The definition can also be in the form of an image, particularly if you are teaching young children.

You need only the term, and either the definition or an image to make the study set functional in Deck.Toys.

Here are several examples of different types of Study Sets:

Note the term can be in Spanish whilst the definition is in English to enable the Text-to-Speech function to pronounce the words properly. The accent shortcuts are shown at the bottom.

Supported Text-to-Speech languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Indonesian. Default language is English. If you do not wish to have the Text-to-Speech activated, you can simply change the input to 'Others'.

TeX Math Expression is supported for mathematical study set inputs. The expressions and TeX documentation are shown at the bottom.

For Chinese, set the term and definition to Chinese/Pinyin.

With Deck.Toys, these study sets will be transformed to mini-games using a variety of Study Set Games.

You can create, import and amend study sets by clicking on the book icon at the top left of your deck.

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