Floating Embed

You can add a floating window of an embedded website (like Zoom) or embeddable documents (Google Slides and Docs) within the Deck.Toys Classroom! You can also use this function to play background music from YouTube with your lesson or escape room.

If you are using Zoom with your students, you can embed the Zoom meeting directly as a floating embed. Just paste the Zoom invitation URL in your Teacher's View.

For embeddable documents such as Google Slide and Docs, you may also let your students edit the same document in real-time.

The floating embed appears for all students. Students may minimize it but unable to remove it unless you have removed it from your Teacher's view

The Floating Embed feature is now in beta. You would first need  to join the Facebook community: www.facebook.com/groups/decktoys

Once you are in the Facebook community, search for the topic 'Floating Embed' under 'Popular Topics in Posts' to get the activation link.

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