Deck.Toys Bundle Plan

The Deck.Toys Bundle Plan allows you to purchase bulk Pro plan subscriptions for 10 or more teachers.

  • Centralized account management
  • Purchase Order and Credit Card payment accepted
  • Discount rates for large bundles
Number of Teachers Discount Rate
10 - 14 -
15 - 29 20%
30 - 49 35%
50 - 99 50%
>= 100 60%

Adjust the slider to modify the quantity of teachers in the Bundle Plan.

Accepted Payment Methods
  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Purchase Order (Net 30)
    • ACH/Wire transfers (checks are not accepted)
    • E-invoice for Singapore schools

Send your orders to with the following details:

  • School/District Name
  • Number of teachers (minimum 10)
  • Payment method

Admin Panel

Upon order confirmation of the Bundle Plan, please nominate up to 3 Deck.Toys Bundle Admin. As the Deck.Toys Bundle Admin, you will have access to the Bundle Plan Admin Panel where you can add and remove teachers' email addresses that are under the bundle.

Do create a Deck.Toys account before submitting your order as a Deck.Toys account is required for you to access the Admin Panel. The Admin can stay on the Free Plan for managing the account and will not be included in the Bundle Plan.

Vendor Information

Deck Toys Pte Ltd (Registration Number: 201700252D)

2 Venture Drive
#19-18 Vision Exchange
Singapore 608526

Contact email:

Form W9 / Form W-8BEN (foreign entity): W-8BEN-E-Deck-Toys-Pte-Ltd.pdf

Sole Source document: Deck.Toys-Sole-Provider.pdf 

Important note

The Bundle Plan cannot have added subscriptions after activation. A new Bundle Plan is required. The published tiered discount is not cumulative across bundles.

For example, if you have 20 teachers under the 20% discount tier, and wish to add in 15 more, these 15 subscriptions will get the 20% discount tier as a fresh order.