Deck Gallery

The Deck Gallery contains thousands of lessons that are created and uploaded by our Deck.Toys users globally. You would need to sign up for free as a teacher to access the Deck Gallery. You can find digital escape rooms, lesson adventures and many other creative lesson structures here, ranging from maths, science, language arts, social studies, computer science and music. We recommend that you search from the 'Most Favorited' filter to get the very best decks available.

The direct URL is and is accessible after your Deck.Toys log-in.

Available Languages

The main languages filters are English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Malay, Tamil and Others. 

If you would like to search for any other languages that may have decks already pre-made, search the language directly in the search box. E.g. type in 'Hungarian', or 'Hebrew', or 'Polish' to further streamline your search.

Making a favorite deck

Click on the heart shape found on the bottom left of the deck thumbnail to save a particular deck that you like to 'My Favorites'. Access this favorited deck anytime without searching again. This will not count towards your private deck allocation.

Assigning Deck to Students

To use the deck directly without any modifications from the Deck Gallery, you can click on the "Assign" button. Then share the URL of your Deck.Toys Classroom to your students. Read more here:

When you use a deck directly from the Deck Gallery, the original content owner may still modify the deck without any notice to you. Also you will be unable to make any changes to the original deck if assigned in this manner. Thus it is highly recommended that instead of assigning the deck directly, click on 'Make a Copy'. Thereafter a copy of this deck will appear in 'My Dashboard' and you can edit it for your own students. Then follow the same steps to assign to Classroom. Note that this will be counted as part of your Private Deck allocations, which is 3 Private Decks for the Free Plan and 100 Private Decks for the Pro Plan