Learning Paths

One of the prominent features of Deck.Toys is the ability for teachers to create a memorable lesson in a game format using Learning Paths. This makes the Map look like a lesson adventure waiting to be explored! Students will need to follow the lesson sequentially following the path you laid out and will not be able to skip the activities as a default.

Learning Paths connect all the Activities in your deck and is represented by the red dotted lines in the Map. Think of it as a path that leads your students through their lesson adventure, so it can be linear path, a divergent path or a convergent path leading to a single final activity to collect the treasure chest of gold!

Once an activity is linked properly with a path, the path lights up momentarily in green. Hover over the same line to toggle between switching the paths on and off. 

Set the Path Entry Point once all the Activities are connected. This selected Activity will be the starting point where your students enter the lesson. Note that there must be at least one entry point in your deck.

It is possible to have multiple entry points. We however suggest new users to start with one path entry point before developing more sophisticated decks.

After your student completes an Activity, a tick sign with a green background will be shown. This will then activate the neighboring Activities, enabling the student to progress through the path.  Any other activity which has a path connected to the specific activity is a neighboring Activity.