Quick Start Guide

Deck.Toys is all about Learning Paths for Lesson Adventures! You can make interactive slides, interactive videos and cool study set games in minutes!

Read this before you start your Deck.Toys journey for an overview of what we are about: https://blog.deck.toys/learning-paths-for-lesson-adventures/

3 Ways to Start Creating Lesson Adventures

1. Use the Learning Paths and Activities Wizard

2. Make a copy and edit a pre-made deck shared by other teachers or from the Deck Gallery

3. Create from scratch

  • Click on the dotted lines to link up the activities to create a Learning Path.

Create an Eye-Catching Background

Click on the 'Edit Background' button in the Deck Builder.

Choose from the default graphics, or copy-and-paste (CTRL+V) your own image to be uploaded. Click the 'Save and Exit Background Editor' once you have completed.

 You can also upload videos as a background using the Deck Background Video function. You can get access to the activation link by joining the Deck.Toys Facebook Community.

Read more about making eye-catching Background Templates here.

Preview Deck

Preview Deck allows you to simulate the environment for both the Teacher's and Student's views where the Teacher’s view is on the left and the Student’s view is on the right.

Assign your deck to your students

Deck.Toys Classroom is the environment where all the real-time progress and data is tracked. Your student responses are also captured in this mode.

3 Steps to assign your deck to a Deck.Toys Classroom

Step #1: Create a Deck.Toys Classroom

Step #2: Assign the deck to the Deck.Toys Classroom

Step #3: Share the Deck.Toys Classroom address/URL to your students. You can share this URL to any learning management system such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Schoology and SLS.

Live lesson experience

Get your students to join your Deck.Toys Classroom

Students may log into your classroom with their Google Account, Microsoft Account, or as a Guest Student. They can also create a student account. The only difference with a Guest Student log in versus other log-ins with passwords is that the student may not be able to come back to the deck and resume where he/she has left off.

When connected, students can immediately explore your deck at their own pace in  Free Mode which is the student-paced mode. Switch to Teacher Sync to enable teacher-led mode and to lock your students' view to your screen instead.

Real-Time Tracking

In your Teacher’s view, you will see the students’ avatars (ML for Martha Lewis in example below, and MS for Matthew Sinclair) on the Activities that they are currently working on. On each activity, a green indicator shows the percentage of students that have completed that particular Activity.

Report App

Retrieve your students' data individually or as a Classroom using the Report App. Data retention is 7 days for the Free Plan and 30 days for Pro Plan users. Download the report into PDF to save the data.

Learn more about what Deck.Toys is in this Interactive Video Lesson!


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