Mystery Piano, Mystery Crypt & Mystery Mines

Mystery Apps

The Mystery Crypt, Mystery Mines and Mystery Piano Slide Apps are great inclusions to your Decks, particularly for escape room activities, and are exclusive to Pro Plan users only. Here is a demo of how they work:

Mystery Crypt

This is a Slide App that automatically validates students answers, and students must get it correct before being able to proceed to the next activity.

You can configure the Mystery Crypt as follows:

Mystery Mines

Mystery Mines app is a fun retro puzzle solving app reminiscent of Minesweeper, which is great for an escape room activity. You can also turn your pixel art into a challenge for students, where the mines are strategically positioned to be a clue for your escape room activities.

Here's how you configure the Mystery Mines Slide App:

Mystery Piano

Mystery Piano is a highly amusing app that you can incorporate into your escape room activities. Get the students clues to unlock the correct keyboard sequence. No prior musical knowledge required!