Escape Room

You can easily create digital escape rooms or breakouts with Deck.Toys. Read more here:

Here's another useful overview:

This is an example of an amazing escape room called "T-Rex School Rampage" that you can use with your students:

Useful tips when creating an escape room with Deck.Toys:

  • Use the Lock App and be creative with varying the types of locks (text, number, voice, direction and QR code locks).
  • Hide your clues in your slide image with with the Invisible setting on the Slide App.
  • Create divergent paths for students to explore the map and set an Activity Entry Lock for them to solve the final clue.
  • Reward students with Treasure Keys when they reach important segments of your escape room.
  • Incorporate Study Set Games like the Maze and Jigsaw to make each task a puzzle to solve.
  • Use the Mystery Crypt app to add a further dimension to your locks (only for Pro Plan users).
  • Insert an Interactive Video, including 360 degree videos and hide your locks within these videos.
  • For the finale, create a challenge with Mastery Level for that ‘Boss Fight’ feel.
  • Launch the digital escape room in Deck.Toys Classroom where you can assign your students to teams and get them to challenge each other. 
  • Your students can be part of this digital escape room wherever they may be as the Deck.Toys Classroom can work synchronously or asynchronously.

Find ready-made Escape Rooms for many subjects in different languages created by teachers worldwide in the Deck Gallery.

Check out the Halloween theme ones here: