AI-generated content from YouTube

With AI in Deck.Toys, you can now:
  1. Automatically Generate Time-Tagged Questions: Our AI now cleverly identifies key moments in a video and creates relevant questions – both open-ended and multiple-choice – right at those specific timestamps.
  2. Engage Students with Slide Apps Integration: These questions are seamlessly integrated as Slide apps, making it super easy for students to interact with the content.

Simply put in a Slide & Video Activity onto the map, click on Interactive Video and insert the YouTube URL that you would like to use then click on the blue AI-beta button to start.

The following options will appear:

1) Video Summarizer: Generates concise summaries of video content, highlighting key points

2) Time-Tagged Questions: Inserts questions at specific timestamps, prompting interactive engagement with the video

3)  Generate Slides: Converts video content into slide format for presentation or review purposes

4) Vocabulary Highlighter: Detects essential terms in the video and provides definitions

5) Study Set Generator:  Turns key video points or terms into study flashcards and games

6) Fill-in-the-Blank Creator: Automatically creates fill-in-the-blank activities from the video

You can further customize the Grade Level in the drop-down option, or add in a prompt or instructions for AI. Click on 'Show Examples' for help.

Learn more from this video: