Slide Activity

Slides in Deck.Toys are similar to Google Slides but with super interactive features with the use of Slide Apps

Deck.Toys Slide Activities allow you to embed the followings for your materials.

✓ Image     ✓ Video     ✓ Link     ✓ Site    ✓ Google Slides    ✓ PowerPoint     ✓ PDF   ✓ Audio clips  ✓ GIF ✓ Background music

You can upload images/PDF/Powerpoint with the 'Upload Image/PDF/PPT' button. Alternatively copy-and-paste any of these materials directly with CTRL+V or drag-and-drop your files into the Slide Activity.

You can upload your Google Drive files, Google Slides or Google Docs via 'Insert from Google Drive / Image Search' button. Note that this button will only be enabled if you signed into Deck.Toys with a Google account.

You can use the Slide Templates for pre-defined slides containing entry tickets, formative slides and exit tickets.

You can embed other websites and Google Docs / Google Form using the ''Embed Site / Video' button. You can even choose the start and stop timing of any YouTube videos you are embedding.

Setting up the Multiple Choice Question within the Slide Activity

To set up the multiple choice question within this slide activity, you may insert a minimum of two answer choices. Click on the green tick icon to select the correct answer.

When the student submits the answer, a green tab will appear for a correct answer, and a red tab to indicate that the answer provided is wrong. For the wrong answer, the correct answer will automatically be shown to the student. They can progress to the next activity without getting the answer correct.  

If you need to have multiple questions on the same Slide Activity, we recommend you to use the MCQ Slide App instead. You can add as many MCQ Slide Apps as you need on the question area or in the slide area, unlike this single question entry format.

Using the Slide Apps within the Slide Activity

Click on the ' Add Slide Apps' red icon on the top right side of your slide. To select, click on the icon that you are interested and it will be added to your Slide. More details of the various Slide Apps here.

Slide Apps can be placed at three different location on the Slides; side of the Slide (Active Slide Apps Panel), inside the text or on the video/slide image.

Note that Slides Apps that are already in the Active Slide Apps Panel is already active on your lesson. Please configure any Slide Apps that are in this panel.

Collaborative Feature between you and your students

In your Slide Activity, you can embed a collaborative Google Doc with the Embed Site/Video option to allow you and your students to work on a document together.
Make sure the Google Doc setting is set to shared to all with link, as editor. Embed this link to your Deck.Toys slide and it is ready to use!
To avoid the question being tampered by your students, type the question into the Text area of the Slide instead of the Google Doc.

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