Deck of Cards

Deck of Cards Study Set is a Classroom-only app and works as a real physical deck of cards. It works with most classroom activities where it randomly distributes cards that are generated from the Study Set to the students. In the classroom, click 'Launch Deck of Cards' to distribute the digital cards to your students.

Note: Deck of Cards is useful as a whole classroom activity when the teacher launches it. The Flashcards Study Set will be more suitable for student's self-exploration.

An example of an activity that you can use with this Study Set is for the 'I Have, Who Has?' activity where each student is given one or more cards that have an answer and a question. The first student reads out the question on the card ('"Who has ...?"). The student with the corresponding correct answer will read out their card ("I have ...") and continues with the question on the card ("Who has ...?"). This Study Set will end until all the cards have been read out loud.

Deck of Cards can only be played in Classroom setting:

X Single Player     X Challenge     ✓ Classroom