What is Teacher's View and Student's View?

There are two different views in the Deck.Toys Classroom which you may explore, namely the Teacher's View and Student's View. You as a Teacher will see a different layout in the lesson compared to a Student.

Teacher's View

To reach to the Teacher's View, enter the Deck.Toys Classroom that you have assigned the particular deck.

In the Teacher's View, several things that you will observe and do:

You can also see the red Teacher Launchpad here that contains the Report App and many other Activity Apps that you can launch at anytime during a live lesson in the Classroom.

Student's View

If you would like to see how the Student's view is like, enter your Deck.Toys Classroom and click on the 'Preview with Demo Student'. You can preview up to 2 students in your classroom. Note that they cannot see answers to locks in this view. 

In the Student's View, they have another control called Student Gamepad, which looks like the Teacher Launchpad but in blue.

Within this app, they have the following options which allows them to challenge a fellow student, retrieve their individual report or 'Shop' to buy Power-Ups using the points that they have accumulated. 

If you wish to disable your students' access to Power-Ups, in your Teacher's View, go to the Teacher Launchpad and click on the Power-Ups icon.