Crossword turns your Study Set into an interactive crossword puzzle. The terms are used to generate words in the puzzle, while the definitions and/or images are used as the clues. A maximum of eight words will be generated for the puzzle. This game supports words with alphabets (up to 14 characters and not case sensitive), numbers, and only the symbols: space and period (,). All answers have to be correct before the Study Set is considered complete. 

You can also bring out a Word Bank to help your students further. Click on 'Enable Word Bank' option in Advanced Setting and this Word Bank appears at the bottom right of the crossword puzzle such that the students can pick out the words to use.

As there are only max of eight terms from the study set list, please select the required ones here.

Crossword can be played in these settings:

✓  Single Player   ✓ Challenge   ✓ Classroom

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