Game Show

Game Show is a Jeopardy-like game using the terms and definitions from a maximum of two different Study Sets and can only be played in Classroom mode, launched via the Teacher's View.

Use the 'Preview in 2 Students' mode to simulate this game. 

This game can only be played in a physical face-to-face classroom in 'Classroom' mode where you must launch this game from your Deck.Toys Classroom.

Before launching the Game Show app, the Classroom-view should be projected on the classroom's screen. Please note that the students' devices do not show the card definitions.

After launching the app, click on a card and the card's definition will appear. You may then select a student to answer via the Buzzer or Randomizer apps. The selected student's name will appear on the screen and you may then mark it as correct or wrong depending on the students' answer in the classroom.

Game Show can be played only in Classroom setting:

X Single Player     X Challenge     ✓ Classroom