Private Deck

Private Decks are decks that are not subject to Deck.Toys admin review as this is not published in the public Deck Gallery. Free Plan users have 3 private decks whilst Pro Plan users have 100 private decks

This is different from Public Decks, where Free Plan users have 100 public decks and Pro Plan users have 200 public decks subject to admin approval.

You can assign your private decks to your students by assigning the deck to the Deck.Toys Classroom and share the Classroom URL to your students.

To share your deck with other teachers, you may choose the following options:

1)  'Share - With Link'. This means you are sharing the link of the deck from your private deck allocation (3 private decks for Free Plan users, 100 private decks for Pro Plan users). Only teachers with this link can access the deck.

2) 'Share - Public, publish to Deck Gallery'. This means you are publishing to Deck.Toys' Deck Gallery which is accessible to all Deck.Toys users globally and will be giving the right to Deck.Toys to use your deck to share freely in all our marketing content. These decks will be from your public deck allocation (100 public decks for Free Plan users, 200 public decks for Pro Plan users). These decks are subject to Admin approval. Read more here on Deck Gallery minimum standards.