Public Deck

A published Public Deck in the Deck Gallery is to benefit other teachers with unique, interesting, fully completed decks and easily searchable via meaningful descriptions. Free plan users have 100 public decks and Pro Plan users have up to 200 public decks, subject to approval. For every public deck successfully published, you will get a bonus free private deck as well on top of your existing limits.

This public deck is meant for sharing with teachers only, not students. The title and content of the decks must meet a minimum acceptable quality. All public decks will be subject to Deck.Toys Admin for approval. It will take up to 48 hours for approval.

Publishing a deck to Deck.Toys' Deck Gallery also means that this deck is accessible to all Deck.Toys users globally and you are deemed to have given the right to Deck.Toys to use your deck in all our marketing content. You will need to Share Deck : On - Public to submit the deck for approval.

Common unacceptable submissions to the Deck Gallery:
  1. An exact copy from a deck already in the Deck Gallery
  2. A copy from a deck already in the Deck Gallery and almost no changes to the content
  3. A 'testing' deck. All testing or incomplete decks must be part of your Private Deck allocation.
  4. Title that does not describe the deck creatively
  5. Improper or incomplete descriptions (e.g. blablablabla, or 12345678)
  6. Not correctly labeled (e.g. Language Arts decks labeled as Maths, or a High School level deck labeled as Pre-K2)
  7. Decks that can only benefit your own students (e.g. Spelling list for Class 2A)
  8. Lesson content that is incongruent and does not meet the minimum acceptable quality expected.
  9. Study Set Languages are not configured correctly.
  10. The background of the deck is bare.
  11. The deck containing material that may violate terms of service.
  12. No interactive Slide Apps is added to the deck.
  13. The first activity contains an activity entry lock. This is not accepted because students should be introduced to the lesson first before giving them a lock.
The Deck.Toys Admin reserves the right to unshare all decks that do not meet the definition of a Public Deck. This would mean the deck will be sent back to Private Deck allocation without notification to the person who shared the deck to the Deck Gallery.
Private decks are not subject to Admin review and can be assigned directly to your students via Deck.Toys Classroom. Free plan users have 3 private decks and Pro Plan users have up to 100 private decks. You can also opt to share your decks via 'Share - with link' option without going through Deck Gallery but this would count against your private deck allocation.

You can assign a deck from the Deck Gallery direct to your Deck.Toys Classroom, but we recommend you to copy this public deck into your private deck and check that all activities are configured correctly before assigning the deck to your students.

If there are repeated violations of Deck Gallery submissions, Admin reserves the right to suspend your account.