Drag n Drop

Drag n Drop Slide App creates draggable elements from your existing slides or any worksheets into target answer areas. This is an incredibly versatile and interactive Slide App that automatically validates students answers, similar to the Lock App. Students can only move on to the next activity once they have completed this Drag n Drop activity correctly. Do not confuse this with the Placemarker app that is a free-form response. This can be part of a fill in the blank question.

Configuring this Slide App correctly is essential to get this Slide App working for you. We recommend you to watch the video tutorial on how to configure the Drag n Drop elements properly. Here is the deck that was used in the video for your reference.


There are two modes: Jigsaw and Target

The Jigsaw mode creates draggable elements from an existing slide where the image is already in the right sequence. The draggable elements will be randomized in the study set just like a jigsaw puzzle, and students are required to move this elements back to the original positions. Thus there is no Target Area to configure. This mode is shown in the final minute of the video tutorial https://youtu.be/lLQaVuDJU-I?t=781

The Target mode is extensively described in the video tutorial as this is the most versatile form of the Drag n Drop app with a Target Area configured to drag the answer elements to. 

All students' progress on completing the Drag n Drop activity will appear instantly in the Teacher's view. Remember, the deck must be assigned to a Deck.Toys Classroom in order for the teacher to receive real-time student progress.

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