The Lock app ensures students really know the answer to the question you posed before allowing them to continue on to the next activity, thus preventing the student from carelessly going through the material on the slide. This is also a key element to build escape rooms and digital breakouts in Deck.Toys.

  • Text Lock works well for passwords such as keyword. It accepts alphabets, symbols, and space. Case sensitivity can be configured. If you have multiple potential answers, insert a vertical bar |  between answers, e.g. deck.toys | decktoys . Do not confuse this with the Text Slide App, which is a free-form response.
  • Numbers Lock can be used for simple Mathematics question such as 4 + 2. The password for this lock can be in decimal number.
  • QR Code Lock can be used with a stations activity where the students uses their devices' camera to scan the QR code generated by this unique lock.
  • Direction Lock is useful for orientation password. This lock can be viewed as such;  means upward or north. 
  • Voice Lock works with Chrome browsers only. The student will use their voice to read out the password to open the lock. 
  • Treasure Key Lock requires students to collect a Treasure Key with a matching Key ID to unlock the lock. It can be configured as a reward for students completing an Activity or added as a Slide App for students to find and collect.

When you configure the lock, pose your question or provide a hint to the password in the given white space box. For example, the hint could be 'What is 4+4?' Then, the Number lock password to key into the grey space box is '8'.   

Reveal Lock Passwords

If you are logged in as a Teacher, you will be able to reveal passwords for all Locks including decks shared by other teachers.

In the Student's View, this password will not be visible.

Bonus tip: We have another Lock but this is found on the Map itself, called Activity Entry Lock! 

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