Why Did My Deck Submission to Deck Gallery Fail to Get Approval?

A published Public Deck in the Deck Gallery is to benefit other users with unique, fully completed decks and easily searchable. This public deck is meant for sharing with teachers only, not students. Decks for students should be assigned via Deck.Toys Classroom.

Common reasons for rejection:

  1. An exact copy from a deck already in the Deck Gallery
  2. A copy from a deck already in the Deck Gallery and almost no changes to the content
  3. A 'testing' deck. All testing or incomplete decks must be part of your Private Deck allocation.
  4. Title that does not describe the deck creatively
  5. Improper or incomplete descriptions (e.g. blablablabla, or 12345678)
  6. Not correctly labeled (e.g. Language Arts decks labeled as Maths, or a High School level deck labeled as Pre-K2)
  7. Decks that can only benefit your own students (e.g. Spelling list for Class 2A)
All decks that are not approved will be sent back to your private deck allocation. Free plan users have 3 private decks and Pro Plan users have up to 100 private decks.