How to Create Study Set Games

First set up Study Sets which are terms and definition from the left side of your Map. You can use the Example Study Sets provided to understand how it works. Make sure you have the right language setting. You can also import or copy study sets from other decks, text, Excel and Google Sheet.

Then Drag and Drop the study sets into the map. Deck.Toys automagically pre-populates default study sets games. 

You can go into the Study Set Activity and preview the game. 

If you would like to change the game, while in the Study Set Activity with the 'Configure Study Set Game Activity' screen, click on any of the available Study Set Games at the top and the game is automagically converted! 

You can also change the study set selection from the drop down if you want to play that same game on a different study set that was already created.

The last step is to link the games together to form a sequential Learning Path. Be sure to get the right Path Entry Point as this is where your students will enter the lesson.

You can now also use AI to help generate study sets easily by just entering a prompt, read more here:

To customize your study set further, go into 'Advanced Settings'. You can type in a message to show at the start of the game and upon completion, which can be a clue to your next activity.

Students as a default can go on to the next Activity upon completion without getting all the answers correct. Make it more challenging for them by enabling the button 'Answers must be all correct to mark Activity as completed'. 

Challenges are enabled as a default. Disable this by unchecking the tick box 'Allow Challenges'.

If you have a long list of terms and definitions in your Study Set but only want the students to play a selected group of Study Set items, go into the tab 'Study Set' and untick any study set items. Certain Study Set Games has a limit of the number of terms and definitions accepted as well, so this setting will be useful to streamline the study set items you wish your students to focus on.