Activity Entry Lock

Activity Entry Lock is not be confused with the Lock App found in Slide & Video Activity only. The Activity Entry Lock works at the Map area itself, where you can lock the activities (Slide & Video Activity, Study Set Game and Signpost) with a password, voice, teams or neighboring activities requirement. The student must get the Activity Entry Lock correct before being able to enter this particular activity. You can use this for creating escape rooms as well.

On the Deck Builder Map, click on the Activity that you wish to put a lock for. Set the Activity Entry Lock here.

The Activity Entry Lock options are identical to the Lock App, but with 2 extra lock options: Activities (Found in the 'Others' tab) and Teams.

The 'Activities' Activity Entry Lock is used when you have divergent paths in your Map and would like to merge it into a single path or activity, but require students to complete all prior divergent paths. Set the Number of completed neighboring Activities to unlock this Activity - to at least 2 (or more). Any other activity which has a path connected to the specific activity is considered as a neighboring activity.

The default setting of 'at least 1' would allow students to complete EITHER paths to enter the merged path.

This is an example of a lesson where 2 paths are finally merged into 1 signpost activity. However the signpost is locked with the Activity Entry Lock, forcing the students to complete both paths before they can declare completion of the entire lesson.

You can achieve a similar objective but with an interesting gamified twist with a Treasure Key Lock