MCQ is a Slide app which allows you to ask a Multiple Choice Question with multiple answers. Answers will be known immediately by the student after attempting to answer successfully, thus this is an key app for validation of answers. Similar to the Lock app, students must get the answer correct before being able to proceed to the next activity.

You can drag the MCQ Slide App icon to the Slide Area to make the Slide truly interactive, and populate multiple MCQ questions directly on the slide area. You can add as many MCQ Slide Apps as your require on each Slide Area.

Configuring this Slide App correctly is essential to get this Slide App working for you. 

This screen below shows you the original screen that pops out when clicking to configure the app:

This example below is a properly configured MCQ, with the question and answer ticked to the correct option. This also shows what message you want to show the student if they got the answer correct or wrong.

In the Student's View, the question looks like this:

You can set the MCQ App to accept multiple correct answers as well. See below example to configure your MCQ App correctly. Below is an example where you can allow the student to choose any single correct answer.

All students' progress on completing the MCQ activity will appear instantly in the Teacher's view. Remember, the deck must be assigned to a Deck.Toys Classroom in order for the teacher to receive real-time student progress.

The limit for the MCQ question part is 100 characters. You may use the Question/Notes area to enter your long-form questions. Then, use the MCQ slide app for the answer choices.

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