Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning

Deck.Toys has the versatility to help educators in all of the learning settings, whether synchronous, asynchronous, remote, hybrid or blended learning. Once the teacher and students are logged into the assigned Deck.Toys Classroom, the interaction between teacher and students are in real-time. The teacher can track exactly where each student is in their lesson progression and can step in to help as and when required.

Turn on the Teacher Sync mode to get all your students’ screens tuned to what you are seeing. Toggle to the Free Mode to allow self-paced student exploration. At all times, you are able to monitor where they are in the lesson plan with real-time tracking. Students can also challenge each other to Study Set Games that were pre-configured with your lesson key concepts.

Students can be physically in class or at home remotely to join the Deck.Toys Classroom. They can challenge each other and still feel like being part of the same environment, much like being in a multiplayer game.

With the Interactive Video function, you can also embed videos and add interactive Apps to check your students' understanding in a self-paced mode.

There is also the option to embed Zoom into the Deck.Toys Classroom to see and speak to your class while the lesson is ongoing.

Students who are not able to join the lesson synchronously can still complete the lesson you have prepared at their own time and pace. So, one lesson prepared in Deck.Toys can be used in all modes of learning.

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