Treasure Key Lock

Treasure Key lock requires students to collect a Treasure Key with a matching Key ID to unlock the lock. This works well if you want the students to go through a certain difficult activity that was on a divergent path before unlocking the next activity.

You can insert this treasure key at any point of your activity by selecting the right-hand dropdown and “Set Treasure Key Reward”:

Then the following screen appears:

Give a name to this Treasure Key as this would be visible to the students when they collect it. The most important part is the Key ID which can be a number or word, and this Key ID must be matched to a lock in a later activity. There are 4 default Key IDs, i.e. GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE, and COPPER. E.g. we use default Key ID ‘SILVER’ in the below example and gave a description.

In another further-down-the-path activity, again select the right-hand drop-down and “Set Activity Lock” to see below screen. Go to tab ‘Key’; the default number in the Key ID is ‘GOLD’ which you would need to amend based on what Treasure Key ID you had set earlier.

An example would be like this using SILVER key:

Example of this simulation seen below, where there is a divergent path from “2 X” into “Memory” and “Sort Me”. The Treasure Key is in Activity “Sort Me”, to open up the lock in activity “Lines”. You are encouraged to have a look at the simulation in the 1-student mode.

When the student has completed activity “Sort Me”, the following message will appear at the bottom right of the screen:

When the student reaches activity ‘Lines’, the treasure key collection dropdown would appear, where the student has to select the matching Treasure Key. If the student has not collected the treasure key by completing a required activity, he/she would be unable to open this Treasure Key Lock.

An example deck with the Treasure Key Lock is found here:

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