Lock Features

Two lock features that you may use in your Deck.Toys lesson.

To insert lock on your Activity, click on the drop-down icon and select the 'Set Activity Lock...'. Activity Lock is useful as an obstacle or extra challenge for the student to complete before proceeding to the next activity. 

There are six different types of the lock which you may choose from.

In configuring the locks for Activity, you may pose the question or hint to the password in the given space box. 

  • Text lock works well for passwords such as keyword. It accepts alphabets, symbols, and space and it is not case-sensitive.
  • Voice lock works with Chrome browsers only. The student will use their voice to read out the password to open the lock.
  • Numbers lock can be used for simple Mathematics question such as 4 + 2. The password for this lock can be in decimal number. 
  • Teams lock is used so only the selected team can unlock the password. Before the lesson, provide the unique password to the respective team.
  • Direction lock is useful for orientation password. This lock can be viewed as such; ↑ means upward or north. 
  • Activities lock is used to ensure the student has completed the specified number of neighboring Activities before proceeding to the next challenge. This lock can be used when you have Activities on divergent paths.
  • Treasure Key lock requires students to collect a Treasure Key with a matching Key ID to unlock the lock. This works well if you want the students to go through a certain difficult activity that was on a divergent path before unlocking the next activity.

Reveal Lock Passwords

By logging in as a Teacher, you will be able to reveal passwords for all Locks including decks shared by other teachers.

If you have not, you may sign up as a Teacher at https://deck.toys/getstarted.

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